Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday – September 21, 22, 23 & 24 - 2017 FRISCO, TX



“Our Innovative Programs”

BUKUBeyond Unimaginable Kinetic Unity

SEEDStrategic Enterprise of Exceptional Development

DIGDevelopment of Intellectual Growth

BREEDBuilding of Research Education Environmental through Evolutionary Development

bukU FEST Frisco is a 4-day festival created from our SEED/Powered by bukU Program under the bukU FEST Group that is designed to bring together the vast amount of the community and surrounding cities to our Host of Events to create a large sense of community involvement pertaining to Art, Science, Technology through Culinary experiences. Our 4-day festival will consist of a Chef/Restaurant Competition (The Mad Scientist Show) featuring Celebrity Chefs judging Youth Chefs, Executive and Hospitality Chefs, 50-100 Top Restaurants providing samplings of their finest dishes and hear a performance by Josh Vietti – Violinist; Celebrity Golf Tournament (SEED/Powered by bukU Golf Tournament) featuring LeaderBoard that will provide fun & challenging games, advanced technology display and more; Tailgate which will have a jumbo screen for college football, plenty of grills & smokers providing great food & beverages: Family Day by bukU will feature plenty of games and interaction with professional athletes throughout the Dr. Pepper Ballpark (RoughRiders Stadium). Enjoy the various Suites and Lazy Pool in the stadium. Experience our Celebrity bukU Blue Carpet Gala Dinner Affair, walk the blue carpet and enjoy the evening with the Mark Harper Project for a night of smooth jazz. Come and experience our dual Concert Shows with a variety of Music Artist. Come and enjoy the vast amount of vendor booths and displays of Art, Science, Technology and Culinary exhibits at our “Art, Science, Technology and Culinary Expedition Walk”. On the last day (Sunday), experience the great Off-Broadway Play – “Cheezecake Boiz and the Diva”!

bukU Modernist Cuisine is our signature upscale fine dining modernist cuisine – molecular gastronomy restaurant that is designed to provide an healthy, innovative, modern style cooking organic molecular gastronomy restaurant inspired by the newly increasing health conscious throughout the world, planting its roots in Frisco, Texas using the freshest organic produce and lean cuts of meat to provide our customers with an excellent dining experience of the high nutritional value inspired by great taste and cultures across the globe. Our theme “Fire, Water & Ice” capturing the elements combined with organic product but heavily defined by the extensive research through collaboration with the University of North Texas’ Advanced Environmental Research Institute (AERI). Recently our Celebrity Food Network Executive Chef Cris Sanchez and Strategic Business Expert – CEO Nate Couser was appointed as “Visiting Scholars” for the University of North Texas by the Director of Advanced Environmental Research Institute to escalate our partnership to the highest academia levels to advance steps in the culinary industry through our “DIG and BREED” program. Our CEO Nate Couser having a long standing relationship with the University of North Texas relative to Veterans, Youth and Research & Development has created a stronger bond to support a thrust in the Arts, Science, Technology through Culinary means of advanced innovation.

DIG and BREED is our extensive research and development program that focus on sustainable farms, healthier product developmental produce and animals from growth and seeding creation along with cloning. Our products will be created, developed and cultivating by collaborated resources and partners such as Universities, Colleges, Youth Programs and various other organizations. Our “DIG and BREED” stems from the root development of plants and from the growth of any product by collaboration with the University of North Texas from Greenrooms, Lectures and extensive R&D.

SEED/Powered by bukU was created to advance our unique, innovative and strategic business model to generate growth and collaboration in a vast community segment from a local, regional, state and global concept. From a strategic means we developed a path of success by means of Strategic Partnerships, Entrepreneurship, Business, Education along with social programs to advance community driven processes, methodologies and systems in alignment through the Arts, Science, Technology through Culinary results. From an Art standpoint we created the platform to assemble many areas of performing arts such as Culinary Competitions, Plays, Concerts from many different genres to Scientific developments by means of creative advanced unique technology through culinary expressions.

To drive success in all of our restaurant markets, research and community outreach we launch SEED/Powered by bukU in conjunction with the extensive consulting and solutions structure of “bukU FEST Group” from a proven success model created by our CEO over two decades ago. We will continue to be a leading innovator across sectors of business, culinary, entrepreneurship and education by total collaboration with our many strategic teaming partners.



  1. When’s the best recommended time to travel to bukU FEST Frisco 2017 – SEED/Powered by bukU?

The bukU FEST Frisco 2017 – SEED/Powered by bukU Host of Events start on Thursday, September 21st and officially ends late Sunday night, September 24th. If you’re traveling into Frisco TX (DFW Airport or Dallas Love Field Airport), we recommend you come into the City of Frisco on Wednesday, September 20th, leave on Sunday or Monday, September 25th to catch all of the fun and to tour our great city and the DFW Metroplex.

  1. Where is the bukU FEST Frisco 2017 – SEED/Powered by bukU Host of Events located?

The bukU FEST 2017 – SEED/Powered by bukU Host of Events is located in Frisco, Texas (20 minutes north of Dallas, Texas), next to Plano, Texas at the Dr. Pepper Arena, Dr. Pepper Ballpark, Stonebriar Country Club and the Omni Hotel Frisco at the Star.

  1. Can I drive to Frisco, Texas for the bukU FEST Frisco 2017 Host of Events?

Yes and parking is available at the Dr. Pepper Arena and Dr. Pepper Ballpark (based on availability and subject to fees). We are located north of Dallas, Texas (20 miles) and next to Plano, Texas.

  1. Are there Airline packages available?

Airline Package are not available through the bukU FEST Frisco 2017 Host of Events website at the present time. But check back and we may have available airline packages of your choosing. Please reach out to your select travel agent to make your flight reservations.

  1. What are the Hotel options?

Find our list of preferred hotels and book your rooms as soon as possible due to potential sellout. Please see the following list of hotels in the City of Frisco, Plano, The Colony, McKinney, Addison, Dallas and other surrounding cities of the DFW Metroplex.


THE BUKU FEST Frisco 2017 General Information

  1. Where does the bukU FEST Frisco 2017 – SEED/Powered by buku Host of Events take place?

Please see formal listing locations. Dr. Pepper Arena, Dr. Pepper Ballpark, the Lincoln Experience at the Star  and the Crest Group & Infiniti Showroom.

  1. How can I get directions to the Festival venues?

You can get directions at Google Maps or contact our bukU FEST Frisco 2017 information number (469)850-2102

  1. Are there restrictions to what I can bring into the Dr. Pepper Arena or Dr. Pepper Ballpark?

The following items are prohibited: animals (with the exception of service dogs), backpacks/knapsacks, banners, containers of any kind, contraband, glass, laser pointers, noise makers, projectiles, sticks, bats, poles or clubs; video and audio recording devices with lenses that are longer than six (6) inches); weapons of any kind and other items deemed inappropriate by the City of Frisco Ordinance.

  1. Will there be any Bag Checks at the event?

Yes, all Bags will be thoroughly checked upon entry to all venues, including the Dr. Pepper Arena, Dr. Pepper Ballpark and any other locations of our official weekend hosted events.

  1. Will there be Security at the event?

  Yes, we will have City of Frisco Police, Special Task Force Security, Unmarked Security and Private Security for our official weekend hosted events to ensure full safety is executed throughout the entire 4 days.